Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Hive No.3 today!

It was a lovely day today and I nipped in to see if the bees were out and about. The 3 hives (we lost a colony a couple of weeks ago) that survive were a spectacle of activity with the bees coming and going making the most of the first warm , dry day for a good while. Last Sunday I fed the bees with Apifond which is a solid feed and comes in packs that you lie on the excluder board. I put empty supers on top so the bees had better access to the feed. I have spoken to Ian Molyneux, the Regional Bee Inspector, and he has promised to pay us a visit to sort out the mess in the brood chambers. We need the bees to fill up the brood boxes so the colonies will grow strong and fill the supers with that special Lytham Hall honey! 

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